Common law murder – malice can be met by any of these states of mind
1.  Intent to kill
a.  If there is a first degree murder statute named, this is the intent                     required
2.  Intent to inflict serious bodily injury
3.  Intent to act with substantial likelihood to result in death
4.  Felony murder
a.  An unintentional killing that occurs during the commission or                     attempted commission of an inherently dangerous felony
i.  Burglary, arson, rape, robbery, kidnapping (closed set)
b.  Defenses to felony murder
i.  If there is a defense to the felony, the same defense can                         be used for felony murder
ii.  Felony must not be the killing itself
iii.  Death must be foreseeable
iv.  Deaths caused after reaching a point of safety are not                         felony murders
a. If fleeing from the felony – felony murder
v.  Not liable for the death of a co-felon as a result of                         victim/police action