Best Evidence Rule
a)    writings & recordings
b)    photographs
c)    “originals” and duplicates are okay
d)    need original for:
A.  “To prove the content”
1.  must produce original to prove content of the writing (which is usually covered)
2.  content of writing is not the s.m. of the litigation but it is E of the content; the BER doesn’t say you must prove payment by a writing but if you do use a writing you have to use the original of the writing
B.  Absence of content
1.  ACN says BER doesn’t apply and you don’t have to admit the document
2.  ex.  what if you say I’ve read docs XYZ and there’s nothing in there about 1?  Then you need to produce under 1006 summaries.
C.  general rule:  a dupl is as good as the original
1.  Question as to authenticity of original:
2.  Unfair to admit duplicate:
e)    Originals lost or destroyed 1004(1)
1.  104a fact q for court to decide if all originals lost destroyed
2.  burden on opponent to raise issue if thinks lost in bad faith
3.  routine bsns practice & destroyed negligently not bad faith
f)    Originals not obtainable
g)    Original in Possession of opponent & they’re on notice you need/want them 1004(3)
h)    Collateral Exemptions
1.  incidental writings
2.  ex. W testifies to what billboard says; date on newspaper
3.  not closely related to controlling issue
4.  sometimes used for inscribed chattles
i)    Other exemptions
1.  public records (1005):  can get cert copy
2.  summaries (1006)
a.  summary T is E and will support a verdict; if a chart made out of ct the chart may be HS; you can then offer the chart for demonstrative purposes only and then can’t go to jury room
c.  originals/dups must be made avail. for examination
d.  the docs must be admissible – can’t use summary rule to get around HS…or authenticity…of the underlying docs
3.  admission of content (1007):  written admissions by you opponent can be offered by you as E of the doc (written not oral)
ii)  Function of Judge and Jury  1008
A.  Questions for court:  writing, dup, genuine Q as to authenticity, destroyed/lost?, destroyed in BF
B.  Questions for the jury 104b
1.  whether the writing ever existed
2.  whether another writing is the original
3.  whether secondary E correctly reflects the content
j)    translations
i)    file translation 45 days before use
ii)    if not objected to or competing translation filed (10 days pretrial), use it