A.  divisional application:  one patent = one invention, but you can add
B.  the FAST patent application!  (bare minimum to meet filing date)
1.  inventor
2.  specification (can’t be fixed)
a.  enabling disclosure
b.  best mode
3.  something that resembles a claim
4.  drawings (napkin, whatever)
C.  then you get notice to file missing parts
1.  duty of candor:  if the inventor knows anything the examiner might find material to the patent app, you must dislcose it!!!  punishment:  revoke patent!  it is “fraud on the patent office” coa
2.  filing fees:  1/2 for small entity
D.  Mailing !
1.  US express mail, next day delivery:  date = date mailed
2.  fed ex – filed when gets there
3.  first class US mail:  date = date mailed IF:
a.  office action
b.  notice to file missing parts
c.  issue fees
E.  office action:
1.  rejected:  can’t get patent (obvious, etc)
2.  objected to:  fix
F.  office action response:
1.  must be filed 6 mos. from “date mailed” on office action
2.  if you don’t respond, your app is dead (there are defenses)
3.  fixes
a.  [claims deletions]   claim additons
b.  “non-claim deletions”   -non claim additions-