A tenant working on P’s farm found a meteorite which had fallen to the earth. He
labored to un-dig it and sold it to D. P sued D for the value of the meteorite and won
because he was the rightful owner of the land and therefore anything found embedded in
There are two questions of law here: Did the meteorite become a part of the soil on which
it fell or was it a piece of un-owned movable found upon the surface of the earth
unclaimed by the owner, and therefore deemed to be abandoned.
Here it appears that the meteorite became part of the soil and was not a movable thing, it
was embedded in the earth and could not be removed without labor. The meteorite came
to be where it was naturally, and is therefore no different from a stone in the field left by
a receding glacier.
Replevin- an cause of action to regain possession over a specific piece of property