1.  Self-defense
a.  Non-deadly force – may be used any time you reasonably                     believe that force is about to be used on you
b.  Deadly force
i.  Majority – any time you reasonably believe that deadly                         force is about to be used on you
ii.  Minority – Require retreat before use, except when
a.  In own home
b.  Victim of rape/robbery
c.  Police officerk
c.  Original aggressor – thwarts defendants use of self defense,                     unless
i.  Withdraw, and
ii.  Communicate withdraw to the other party
2.  Defense of others – same rules apply
3.  Defense of a dwelling
a.  Deadly force may never be used to solely defend property
b.  Deadly force is justified if:
i.  Reasonable belief that it is necessary to prevent a                             personal attack
4.  Necessity – defense to all crimes EXCEPT homicide
a.  Resulting from natural forces
b.  Defendant reasonably believes that conduct is necessary to                     avoid some harm to society that would exceed the harm                     done by the conduct