Mixed Assets–280F
1.    What if a computer, car, or airplane is purchased and used for both business and personal purposes?  Mixed-use property must be predominately used in a qualified business to be entitled to ACRS – i.e., its business use must be greater than 50%.   280F(d)(4)(A) tells you what “listed property” is.  If listed property is not used at least 50% for business purposes, there are two penalty provisions:
a.     280F(b)(1).  You’re demoted from fast ACRS to alternative depreciation under  168(g).  In addition, you can’t qualify for  179 expensing.  But Congress wasn’t satisfied with just penalizing the under-50% business use, so it enacted the luxury car provision as well.
b.     280F(a).  Even if you’re using your luxury car more than 50% in a trade or business, Congress is going to cap the amount of deductions you can take under ACRS.  See  280F(a)(1)(A).