Priest-Penitent 505
(1)    elements
(a)    confidential:  not intended for further disclosure by speaker
(b)    to clergy:  minister, priest, rabbi, accredited practitioner or other similar functionary of a religious org. (prob. a leadership advisory kind of role) or individual rzbly believed to be so by the person speaking
(c)    made to clergy in his professional role as spiritual advisor
(2)    holder:  speaker (can be invoked by speaker on behalf of clergy); clergy can invoke on behalf of speaker
(3)    exceptions?  there are some statutory
a)  Tex. Fam. 261.202:  proceeding re child abuse says there are no privileges except (not priest-penitent)
b)  TRE 511(2):  you waive your privilege if you call the person w/ whom there are privileged communications as a character witness
c)  there is no crime-fraud exception!
(4)  FEDERAL:  same