a.  need at least two;
b.  elected by BOD;
c.  officers (unlike directors) are agents!
i.  officers need authority to enter into a K to bind the corporation
ii.  BOD authorized Agent to make the K
iii.  bylaws authorize the Agent (VP) to make Ks
iv.  apparent authority (corp. manifestation to 3P)
1.  course of dealing
2.  agent thinks there is authority b/c made deals like this before
3.  if first K with this 3P-company, probably no apparent authority (need express)
4.  3P should get written resolution from BOD or minutes where authorized!
5.  Pres/CEO binds corp. in ordinary course of bsns generally
6.  VP replaces pres. if needed & Sec and Treasurer generally don’t bind corp.
v.   corporation ratifies the K (e.g. make pymts.)