Trade Secrets:
1.  Tex 507
a.  purpose:  protect a company’s proprietary interests
b.  when?  balancing test
i.  may refuse to disclose (& prevent others) trade secret you own
“trade secret” is any forumula, pattern, device, or compilation of ino which is used in one’s bsns and presents opportunity to obtain advantage over competitors who do not know or use it  Altai
–    kind of thing that gives you a competitive advantage
–    that others don’t know
ii.  if will not tend to conceal fraud or otherwise work injustice
1.  balancing test:  secrecy interest v. need for specific evidence in a specific need in lit.
2.  factors
–    dangers of abuse (filing just to get forumla)
–    GF of party seeking it
–    adequacy of protective measures
a.  in camera disclosure
b.  only disclosed to attys not clients
c.  only disclosed to judge
d.  ct can swear everyone to secrecy
e.  seal the records
–    availability of other means of proof
3.  means “only if disclosure necessary for a fair adjudication of the requesting party’s claims or defenses”
c.  protection:  when disclosure is directed, judge can take “protective measures”
d.  Continental General Tire:  Tex 98
1.  facts:  tread separtes from belt on tire and want to know skim stock forumla to test theory
2.  507 “prevent fraud and injustice”; R. 507 “accomdates both interest by req’ing a party to dislcose only if necessary to preven tfraud/injust” meaning disclose if necessary for a fair adjudication of the requesting party’s claims or defenses
3.  procedure!
i.   party resisting must est. info is trade secret
ii.  burden shifts to party seeking info to show disclosure necessary for fair adjudication
iii.  tc should weight degree of need for info w/ potential harm for disclosure to resisting party & then grant/overrule and put in whatever restraints are practicable and necessary (need v. burden)